Diabetes Detection Eye Exam


We are one of the select number of opticians in the UK to have the latest technology in uncontrolled diabetes detection. The CLEAR PATH DS-120 can be offered to YOU for a special price of only £9.99.

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of permanent blindness in patients under the age of 75.
  • With more than 7 million British citizens living with pre-diabetes and nearly 90% of them are unaware of it. 
  • Doctors are urging patients to be screened for early risk detection.
  • Early detection combined with proper intervention can lower visual complications caused by diabetes by up to 76%.

Don’t worry, with our new technology, we are able to detect diabetes 7 years ahead, through your left eye we are able to detect specific crystals which show glucose traces.

Common Signs & Symptoms:

  1. Moving print.
  2. Blurred print.
  3. Letters and numbers changing shape.
  4. Lines appearing across the page sometimes revered to as rivers on page.
  5. Haloes and different colours appearing around words.
  6. Short and rapid tiring.
  7. Eyestrain and headaches.
  8. Using their finger as a marker.
  9. Missing words or lines when reading.
  10. Blinking excessively.
  11. Rubbing eyes.
  12. Restless.
Benefits after YOU Find the solution to your visual stress:
  • Improve Comprehension.
  • Stop letters from jumping, skipping words and losing your place.
  • Stop reversals of letters and words.
  • Improve sight word recognition.
  • Improve decoding (sounding out) of words.
  • Improve fluency and pronunciation.
  • Retain skills from day to day, No more losing skills.
  • Stop reading fatigue in its tracks.
  • Read faster with less work.

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