Three easy steps on how to book your Mobile Eye Test: 


  1. Give us a Call on 01268 777729, fill in one of our contact forms on this page.


  1. Tell us which dates and times would be most convenient for you.


  1. We will book you in and see you on the date arranged.

There are two mains ways in which you can have your eyes examined.


  • If you are mobile and are able to leave your home there are various locations around Essex that we are at every week.


  • Alternatively, if you are housebound or because of an illness or disability, you find it hard to get out to the high street on your own. Or you just want an eye examination from the comfort of your own home, then home eye testing is available.



For help, advice or any questions you have about our mobile eye tests then give us a call now on 01268 777729.



Information about your Mobile eye test


-Eye test are an important aspect of our health care and contribute to our well-being, no matter what age we are. 

-An eye test assesses not only your vision and spectacle prescription, but also includes a health check on the internal and external parts of your eyes. 

-Regular visits from an optician will increase the chances of you being able to achieve the optimum level of vision, regardless of any natural changes that may be occurring to your eyes.


Templeman opticians mobile eye test service offers you  not only great value due to its low running costs, but a flexible approach to modern Mobile optics, ensuring a reliable caring service.


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Local: 01268 777729
Mobile: 07731 959799


47 Trinity road, Rayleigh, Essex. ss6 8qb.