choosing your glasses

Choosing your glasses.

3 Simple steps choosing your Frames and Lenses.

1. In addition to providing eye examinations, we are also able to offer a complete spectacle dispensing service included free in the cost.
2. Once the optometrist has completed your test, and if spectacles are required,
3. He or she will help you choose a pair of frames suitable for your face.

Each pair of glasses comes with a Free complimentary case and Lens cleaning kit. + A year’s FREE patient aftercare for all customers!

• We offer you a full range of all styles of frames from budget to brand. and as well as the vast range of frames,

• There is also a comprehensive selection of lenses from standard single vision to the very latest ultra-thin, multi-focal design.

Colour tinting, transitions, and ultra-violet absorbing lenses are also available.

• Whatever the Requirement, Templeman Opticians are able to offer the best solution for you.

Modern lightweight frames – You can benefit from the use of ultra-thin lightweight lenses, reducing the weight of the spectacles and also reducing the thickness of the lenses.
-Prices Starting from only – £39.99.

Modern progressive power lenses (varifocal) bringing the benefits of being able to see clearly at all distances with one pair of spectacles, but without the need for bifocal lines.
-Prices Starting from only – £59.99.

Do you find bright lights a problem?
You can benefit from combining standard spectacles with sunglasses in one pair using transitions photochromic lenses.
when outdoors the darkness of the tint on the lenses will adjust automatically to the ambient light intensity.
-Prices starting from only – £79.99.


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