Employee Eye Tests & Safety prescription glasses

By taking advantage of our corporate eye care, you will be fulfilling your duty of care – hassle free.

The corporate eye care also offers rewards for you and your employees and their families by providing them with valuable eye care benefits and rewards.

This includes the services of well-trained team of Optometrists and Dispensing staff.

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Benefits of choosing our mobile opticians services

On-site Eye Exams for Employees at flexible hours, thus not disturbing the productivity of your company.

we have a vast array of all spectacles from Normal wear to High-End Designer wear to suit your staff and their budget.

As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we guarantee you total satisfaction, offering you the best possible service.

Highly accurate Diabetes scanning and testing done with the latest technology giving you and your staff up to a 7-year warning for £9.99

Specialists in spectacles, Contact Lenses & Sunglasses including world-leading Brands.

1-year warranty on product/service defects. contact us for more information.

All employees of your organisation will be entitled 10% discount for every purchase of our products and advanced tests done at our facility

Purchases can be made through the organisation to be paid in two instalments (Deposit & Final Payment).


Offering a fully independent on site Mobile Opticians to businesses across Essex to Rayleigh, Southend, Basildon, Chelmsford, Canvey Island, Colchester, Harlow & Brentwood. Providing you with the full service that would usually be provided away from your business at an highstreet opticians.

helping you give your amazing workforce the vision they deserve

The Vision Centre offers you not only great value due to its low running costs, but a flexible approach to modern optics, ensuring a reliable service to companies.


Prescription Safety Glasses

To help you meet duty care employees should provide safety eyewear in any working environment deemed dangerous to an employee’s eyes.

we are able to provide complete prescription safety glasses for the safety eyewear inserts your employees use in condition with their other safety equipment.


Employee Eye Tests

The specialist safety scheme offers a employee eye test including digital retinal photography and glazing or re glazing of single vision lenses into the safety eye wear inserts.

Visual Display Unit / Stress

Employees who regularly use a VDU as part of their work are entitled to have regular eye examinations paid for by their employer under European Health and Safety Law.

The employer is also obliged to pay for a pair of basic glasses if they are specifically and exclusively for VDU use.

pricing plans for safety prescription glasses & employee eye tests

Safety Prescription Glasses


per employee/yearly

on-site mobile opticians service

on-site eye exam & health check up

BS EN 166 certified, CE marked

Manufactured in-house using the latests lens technology

Prescription safety glasses and goggles for the workplace

Our specialisation makes us one of the most reliable and competent partners when it comes to safety and eye care.

employee Eye Test


per employee/yearly

VDU / Driver Eye Care / Visual Display Stress / Acas / HSE eye tests

On-site Dispening Service

Glasses Delivered & Fitted

Over 1000 Glasses to choose from

Full Eye Exam & Health Check

On-site Mobile Eye Care at your workplace

Frequently Asked Questions about workplace eye care

Our expert fully independent mobile opticians is the culmination of over 5 years’ research and development and has been created as a centre of excellence, comprising a service of innovation and outstanding quality.

The main objective of having such an establishment is to provide an honest important service to the public and businesses.

  • You simply pull up next to your workplace in an allocated parking space and receive expert eye care at unbeatable prices!


  • We ensure that all legal requirements are met at all times and we use the latest technology to give you professional eye care exam.


  • Get great value for your money from a genuine independent optician  

Ground breaking equipment such as our auto-fluorescence, Bio-microscope, an outstanding glucose and diabetic management system. 

Also the highly innovative lens analyser that is able to fully map the latest digital varifocals lenses, ensuring the perfect setup when buying your glasses from us.

Get in touch with us today see how we can help with your employee eye tests

You can request a home visit using the online form or by calling us . We’ll take a few details to ensure that you are eligible for a free home eye test and then arrange a convenient time to visit.


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