Prescription Safety Glasses & Goggles

Prescription Safety Glasses & Goggles

we provide you with a full on site service which covers every aspect of eye care, on our mobile vision centre we can offer you something no other opticians in the UK can offer!

Safety Prescription Glasses Provided With A Full Eye Test & Eye Health Check Up At Your Work place.

A service that reduces the downtime lost when your employees venture off to the highstreet opticians.

For safety, workplace and sport activities

Our specialisation makes us one of the most reliable and competent partners when it comes to safety and mobile eye care.

Whether over the phone or on site, our qualified colleagues will assist you in a swift and competent manner.

Tested and Certified to EN 166

All frames and lenses supplied by INFIELD are tested and certified to EN 166. Both lenses and frame carry the required certification, indicating the level of permissible mechanical stresses or protection afforded by each product.

All INFIELD Lenses, irrespective of style or cost, conform to Class 1 optical quality.

Manufactured using the latests lens technology

INFIELD manufacture optical lenses in-house. From raw, semi-finished blanks to the final coatings of the finished lenses, all processes occur within our 21st century manufacturing facilities. We make sure that our customers always benefit from the latest developments in lens technology, as only late generation lenses are used in our products.

For example, INFIELD was the first UK manufacturer to introduce OPTIFOG ® lenses to the safety eyewear market.

Prescription safety glasses and goggles for the workplace

For corporate customers,  Templeman opticians make the procurement of safety and/or DSE eyewear a very straight forward process. We offer the widest range of options available. We will take you through the various options and together we establish the most appropriate, based on your operational and budgetary requirements.


To view the range of INFIELD prescription safety eyewear that we stock on our mobile opticians please click here


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