How Home Eye Tests Work

How home eye tests work, it’s really simple.

We travel to an individual’s home, residential and nursing homes, covering the whole of Essex with outstanding home eye tests.

4 Simple Steps on how to book your free home eye test

Request a home eye test visit from Templeman Opticians

request a home visit using the form on this page or by calling us on 01268 77729 We’ll take a few details to ensure that you are eligible for a free home eye test and then arrange a convenient time to visit you.

2  Our optician conducts an eye test at your home.

Your optician will visit your home at the pre-arranged time. During the visit, they will ask you about your eye care history and any problems you may be having. They will then conduct an home eye test, using equipment specially designed for use of being completely mobile.

Choose your glasses and sunglasses after your eye exam is done.

If your eye test shows that you need glasses there are hundreds to choose from, in price ranges from free to £200. We can help find the most suitable ones for you. If you qualify for NHS funding towards the cost of glasses, you may be eligible for a free pair.

Glasses delivered to your home at a times best for you. 

We’ll deliver your new glasses within 10 days of our visit. However, as your glasses are individually made to your prescription, it may take a little longer, if this is the case, we will let you know.

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  1. Thelma Arnold

    Hello, I wonder if you could help or point me in the right direction. I found your details on this website. I have been working with Rough Sleepers in Chelmsford for the past 18months. In recent months, following the death of one Rough Sleeper in our City in January this year, during the cold spell, we were inundated with volunteers. This has now petered off to a sustainable level, and we are consistently seeing about 20-25 Rough Sleepers, Monday through Friday for 1 hour per day, offering tea/coffee/foods/clothing etc.

    As things have settled and they open up about their issues, it is clear that some have conditions for which they need advice (best not publicly). I was wondering is there any facility whereby we could access the services of an optician? Some are on benefits and would probably qualify for this service.

    We have currently acquired the services of a Chiropodist, who attends about every 6 weeks to review their feet, and donates his services. This takes place at our church hall, Chelmsford Community Church, Trent Road, Chelmsford. We are also seeking support from Nursing and from Dental Practitioners.

    If it were possible to have an Optician visit on those days, it would be amazing. We are able to use our local community transport facilities in order to transfer the rough sleepers from the city centre to the church facilities.

    I would be keenly interested to know if this is something that it is possible to do. Our next session is Sunday 5th August, 2.30-5pm.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Thelma Arnold

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